How to add Multiple Featured Images in WordPress

The post thumbnails feature aka. Featured Image was added to WordPress back in version 2.9 and made it significantly easier for users to associate images with posts or pages. Prior to that we we had to upload an image, copy the url for the image and add that as a custom field if we wanted to do something similar, which is ok when you know how to do it yourself but less than ideal when having to explain the process to clients or other authors. The post thumbnails feature allows you to easily set a single “Featured Image” for a post or page via a separate meta box in the WordPress admin. You simply click on the “Set featured image” link, open up the image dialog, upload or select an image then click the “use as featured image” link.

This works fine for the vast majority of cases but sometimes it would be great to have have more than one image for a post. For example if you have a folio section or a product where you may want to have multiple images. I tried searching for “mulitple post thumbnails”, “multiple featured images” and so on but most of the “solutions” were mainly about looping through all post attachments and displaying these. This can work in some instances but it didn’t provide as much control as I wanted and if you happened to have other images in the post then these would also be displayed.

Eventually I came across a plugin called Multiple Post Thumbnails and decided to tweak that slightly and integrate it directly into my theme instead of using it as a separate plugin. This is how I did it.

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WordPress SEO 101: 5 Easy Steps for Better WP SEO

WordPress offers pretty good basic SEO by default and by spending a bit of time focusing on a few additional areas your on-page and on-site SEO will gain a significant boost. If you’re creating a new site, creating a new design and theme for an existing site or just updating your current theme to be a bit more SEO friendly the principles are pretty much the same. If you already have a working site and theme then don’t worry most of the following SEO tweaks can be done with a few code snippets and plugins added to your existing WordPress site. This article will cover 5 optimisation areas that will improve your WordPress on-page and on-site SEO.

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Remote blogging with the WP iphone app

Having used WordPress on and off for a number of years and only recently jumped on the iPhone bandwagon it was more or less a given that I had to try the WordPress iPhone app. The app is very easy to setup and supports multiple WP blogs.

Convenience for being able to blog wherever you are does however come at the cost of several core features. Realistically though I doubt you’ll be churning out novel length posts this way but it does have some uses for basic admin tasks and micro-blogging.

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Ten things to do after you install WordPress

WordPress is a fantastic tool for anything from casual blogging to fully fledged CMS. If you are a designer and or developer using WordPress chances are you will be installing WordPress quite a few times but even if you’ve never installed WordPress before you’ll find this guide useful.

If you’ve installed WordPress more than a couple of times you would have noticed that there are few things that you always tend do with each WP install. Here are some of the first few steps you should consider doing after installing WordPress.

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