Remote blogging with the WP iphone app

Having used WordPress on and off for a number of years and only recently jumped on the iPhone bandwagon it was more or less a given that I had to try the WordPress iPhone app. The app is very easy to setup and supports multiple WP blogs.

Convenience for being able to blog wherever you are does however come at the cost of several core features. Realistically though I doubt you’ll be churning out novel length posts this way but it does have some uses for basic admin tasks and micro-blogging.

Current limitations of the WordPress iPhone app

If you are using themes that require custom fields for things like article thumbs then you won’t be able to seamlessly publish via the app. You could always write drafts for later publishing or for review by an editor if it’s a multi-author blog.

In its present form the app seems more suited for micro-blogging and can be quite useful if your blog automatically posts to Twitter.

Remote admin and upkeep

Probably the most useful feature for some people is the ability to to keep an eye on your blog remotely and be able stay on top of admin task like reviewing and approving comments. In the latest update of the app (version 2.2) you can now also reply to comments…wheee.

I’m sure future updates will add a lot more meat to the bones of this app, but for now we’ll have to be content with the rather meager framework that we’ve been given.

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