Ten things to do after you install WordPress

WordPress is a fantastic tool for anything from casual blogging to fully fledged CMS. If you are a designer and or developer using WordPress chances are you will be installing WordPress quite a few times but even if you’ve never installed WordPress before you’ll find this guide useful.

If you’ve installed WordPress more than a couple of times you would have noticed that there are few things that you always tend do with each WP install. Here are some of the first few steps you should consider doing after installing WordPress.

First steps after a fresh WordPress install

  1. Change your password, create new user and delete admin user
  2. Change your blog tagline
  3. Setup permalinks using %postname%
  4. Change date and time format as well as timezone
  5. Change media image sizes to suit your theme layout
  6. Upload and activate your theme
  7. Create your categories and set new default category
  8. Install, activate and test your plugins
  9. Configure RSS settings
  10. Setup a backup for your WordPress database

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