Scrum in Practice – Part 1: How-To Do Scrum Overview

In my first article Introduction to Agile Development and Scrum we looked at Scrum from a more of a holistic perspective. In this series of articles which I’ve named "Scrum in Practice" we’ll be looking at Scrum in a much more pragmatic way and look at examples of how to actually do Scrum in a more practical and fundamental way. Since Scrum is not a strict methodology but rather a process framework for development it is typically done a bit differently from organisation to organisation. There are however some basic elements that need to be in place to do Scrum well and some best practices that everybody should know. I’ll try to cover what has worked well for me over the years as well as some potential problem areas and solutions.

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Introduction to Agile Development and Scrum

If you’ve ever been involved in web, application or software development or any kind of media production or IT project then chances are you’ve run into some sort of methodology or project management methods. You might be familiar with PRINCE2, PMI and the Waterfall Model. In some cases companies also develop their own internal project methodologies or cusomise or adapt existing methodologies to fit their own structure with varying degrees of success. If you are familiar with any of these methods you may also have reconised that a lot of their principles often don’t work as well when internal and external requirements as well as market conditions frequently change. This is very often the case when dealing with website development and web application development projects and perhaps even more so with mobile application development projects. If some of this sounds familiar then perhaps it’s time for you to have closer look at Agile Development. In this article we’ll cover the basics of Agile and in particular a at Scrum.

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